More robots . . .
Fiction or prediction?

Italian security forces were rounding up 18 Islamic extremists Friday who prosecutors said were behind a failed 2010 plot to attack the Vatican as well as a bombing at a Pakistan market that killed more than 100 a year earlier.


Shades of:

Actually, our plot was better thought-out . . .

Game math

Nine hundred lines of dialogue or voiceover (aka "stabs") . . .

Half-hour to rig each line in the game . . .

One engineer . . .

Seven days until deadline.

I'm not sure there's enough coffee in the world for that to come out all right, but then I was never very good at differential math.

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. . . in the Twilight Zone.

Baseball and robots have been on my mind. (Thanks, Fred.)

(As to why - you'll have to wait for the debut of Puppetmasters in 2016.)

Flying hazards

WARSAW — the nearly disastrous plunge of the Serbian president’s plane Friday was the fault of the co-pilot, who spilled coffee in the cockpit and accidentally activated an emergency switch, the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate said in a report published Tuesday.
Initially, Serbian officials said that the aircraft, carrying President Tomislave Nikolic and nine others to a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, had been sent into a plunge over the Adriatic Sea after one of its three engines failed at an altitude of about 33,000 feet.
But an investigation by the Civil Aviation Directorate found that the dive occurred after the co-pilot, Bojan Zoric, “spilled coffee on the instrument panel” and “accidentally activated the emergency slot extension” as he was trying to clean it up.

I can totally symapthize. I've wrestled with many a killer cup of caffeine myself.
The Bulge

Had a great time yesterday with veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, who treated me to lunch. They thought I was coming to talk to them, but the reality was that I was there to hear them.

Among the many things I learned: Never volunteer to ride a motorcycle off a landing craft.

Quite a few Omar Bradley fans in the group, which was heartening. I remain in awe of their courage and humility.