A Place of Absence

I haven't seen this yet, but the topic is gripping. Andrew McLaren was involved in it, so you know it's good:

The Caravan of Mothers is an organization of brave Central American women, who embark on an epic yearly bus journey throughout Mexico in a desperate search for their sons and daughters that have disappeared on the grim journey to the United States.  For the last thirteen years the Caravan of Mothers have created empowerment for these poor, indigenous peasant women that have become political and human rights activists by forming this alliance to find their loved ones. 

More on the movie.

The movie's website.
Inspired by someone?

Taya Kyle and I are working on a book of inspirational stories focusing on people who have struggled through adversity and gone on to help others in big and small ways. So far we have a wide range – from a young man who asked for donations for a food bank rather than candy at Halloween to a woman who was instrumental in establishing a university in war-torn Afghanistan.

If you know of someone who inspires you by helping others, we’d love to hear about them – send me an email at this address: author(at)jimdefelice.com

Terrible snub

I can’t believe Marshall, the movie about Thurgood Marshall as a young lawyer, got zero nominations for the Golden Globe awards. Hopefully that will be rectified in the Academy Award nominations.

Nominated or not, it’s a great movie with great performances. If you can’t catch it in the theater, it’s definitely worth a download.

'Tis the Season . . .

I must be in the Christmas spirit – I just bought a quart of eggnog and it wasn’t even on the shopping list.

Whether you like it or not

The State of our dis-Union:

For the people currently wielding power in Washington, the preferences of the American people count for very little.


In need of inspiration?

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