Cousin Brew-ski . . .

Finally sighted Cousin Brew-ski* at Yankee Stadium last night over in section 208. We'd been concerned that the long-time vendor had gotten lost in the transition from the old to the new.

He was in fine form.

"When I started working here beer was 65 cents and I couldn't drink it," said Brew-ski, starting his harangue. "I've been here forever and I'm only Vendor Number 22. Number 1 is 85 years old and started working here when Babe Ruth played. He's survived a stroke, heart attack and a gunshot from Number 2. Nobody leaves this job. Two IDs, please. No IDs, no beer. I don't care if you're older than Number 1."

* - The vendor's name comes from his beer call, which is a takeoff on a NY area 60s era radio DJ, "Cousin Brucie.": "Who's ready for Cousin Brew-ski?

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