Watergate (or not) . . .

I realize it's a tempest in a political teapot, but I was amused about the dustup over the White House's offer (or not) of a job to a senate candidate in Colorado in an effort to avoid a primary there.

Some people believe that just such a job offer - by Republicans - led to Watergate. Believe it or not, it took place in Poughkeepsie . . .

At the time, there were two good candidates for the congressional seat there. One was an assistant DA, the other the son of a famous congressman. In that case, there was a primary; the son won, but the prosecutor was on the conservative line and might have caused the son to lose. Long story short, a deal was worked out where the assistant DA ended up going to work in Washington.

So did the son: Hamilton Fish Jr., who turned out to be an excellent congressman, by the way.

The assistant DA?

That would be Gordon Liddy, famous locally for firing a loaded pistol during a courtroom summation.

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