Kind words 

The National Space Space Society gave Helios a very generous review, which you can read here. I'm very grateful for their interest. A brief excerpt:

The story held my attention throughout. Overall, I think DeFelice did an excellent job in describing the political intricacies and the fact that industrial spying does occur, especially in a market where much money is to be made. The main character is an anti-hero who is unconventional, but one that I grew to like. It was also refreshing to find that rocket scientists and other principal players in the book were women, which I don’t find often in novels of this genre.

I should mention that, while for many the words "rocket scientist" and "woman" are not thought of going together, in fact, a large - and growing - number of scientists in the field are women. They are making important contributions to our knowledge. I'm sure they must face some adversity and prejudice, but everyone I've met or spoken to is definitely up to the challenge. The quality of their work, their ideas, and their vision, is second to none.

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