Chris Kyle

A statement on the Ventura-Kyle trial result:
(updated 7/30)

The plaintiffs managed to convince eight people that three or four years before anyone ever mentioned the possibility of writing a book to him, Chris Kyle concocted a plot to catapult that unwritten book to fame, lied to his family, friends, attorney and co-writer, and enlisted a dozen or more people in the conspiracy.
I’m not sure whether that’s a statement about American jurisprudence, our education system, or our drinking water.
I stand by the testimony I gave in the case. According to media accounts, eleven witnesses for the defense verified the various aspects of the altercation that Chris and I wrote about in American Sniper. Those witnesses included people who didn’t know Chris, and even admired his accuser. I personally talked to four people who were there, as well as two people who’d spoken to others.

I continue to believe in Chris.


Anonymous said...

Re: Jesse Ventura, I'm with you, Jim

Blaze said...

Jim says something's so, it's so. Ventura has been full of crap for an entire career.