Russia brings back the Cold War

The European Leadership Network recently reviewed incidents involving Russian military units engaging in aggressive and generally reckless behavior over the past year. The picture is basically that of a bumbling schoolyard idiot cum bully who keeps bumping into people until finally someone beats the sense into him.

From the report:
Since the Russian annexation of Crimea, the intensity and gravity of incidents involving Russian and Western militaries and security agencies has visibly increased . . . almost 40 specific incidents . . . have occurred over the last eight months.

The Russians appear to be going all out to make themselves feel good. But look at some of the incidents closely - a Russian spy plane nearly collides with a passenger jet, a Russian submarine comes close to sinking . . . They're trying to project prowess, but what they're displaying is near criminal ineptness.

The frum and drum will undoubtedly have one beneficial effect: They're making it a lot harder to cut the U.S. military budget.

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