As Russia devolves . . .

An outspoken rival of Vladimir Putin was assassinated in the heart of Moscow on Friday evening — just two days before he was scheduled to lead a massive protest against the Russian president.

And from the Dark and Perverse Humor Dept.: Putin says he'll head the investigation into Nemtsov's death.

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dave warren said...

It's scary how we can continue to do business as usual with a country that practises political assassination and just plain thuggery. First it was Chechnya (questionable terrorism), then Georgia and now Ukraine well first the sea port and now half of Ukraine. Putin is a former KGB colonel who rose from obscurity to knock off Boris Nemtsov after Boris Yeltsin died. Nemtsov was his heir apparent at that time. Now as the main opponent of the war in Ukraine he mysteriously gets assassinated. Read the book Comrade J and you will get a lot of the background on the present situation in Russia as told by the highest ranking defector from the KGB. I find it funny that ISIS is taking our eyes off the problems in Russia/Ukraine and this assassination. To me Russia is a bigger threat than ISIS after all who has the largest nuclear stockpile behind the USA??