Russia and Syria . . .

As absurd as Russia’s decision to send troops and weapons into Syria is, at least it shows pretty definitively how antiquated their weapons really are. It doesn’t make a huge difference in this fight, but their capabilities look to be about where the U.S. was during the Gulf War – the first Gulf War in 1990.

I watched one video that was supposed to show a pinpoint strike – and couldn’t help but notice the bomb craters from maybe a dozen other attacks, all of which had missed their mark.

Aside from saving Asad for a few more months, it’s hard to see what the Russian intervention will achieve in material terms. An alliance with Iran that will last until both countries realize they have no goals in common, except pissing off the U.S.? A base at the eastern Med suicide bombers can target?

Actually, they have that already. But they are getting press in the West at the moment; maybe Trump will pick Putin as his defense secretary.

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