Veterans Day

As we prepare for tomorrow's observances, I am reminded of something Omar Bradley said during his brief but critical* stint as head of the Veterans Administration:

Too frequently I have heard it said that the veteran expects too much. We might ask these critics this: Does the fault lie with the veteran who wants too much? Or with the civilians who offer too little? Is it too much to want a job that will pay enough to live? Is it too much to want a decent home in which to raise a family? Is it too much to want a chance for better income or career through education and training?

Happy Veterans Day to all veterans and their families, and thank you for keeping my family safe.

* The VA was quite a mess even then. Bradley presided over a sweeping overhaul. (Much of the credit for improvement should go to the civilians under him.) He wasn't known as a particularly brilliant speaker, but he was eloquent when speaking of the men who served under him in Europe and Africa, and he was a tireless advocate on their behalf.

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