The year that was

Looking back over 2015, I’m amazed at all that’s happened for me personally. It began with the wide release of the movie version of American Sniper, which was a bigger hit than anyone could have wished for. Code Name Johnny Walker came out in paperback in February; in May, Taya Kyle’s dramatic telling of her story, American Wife, was released to wide acclaim. In the fall, Afro Samurai II, a video game I’d worked on, debuted – far earlier and much rockier than we’d wanted, but that’s the way things go.

Throughout the year, I had the privilege of meeting many readers and fans; I’ll always be grateful for their support and well wishes. I’m especially proud that I was able to help at a number of fund raisers this year, for libraries and veterans’ groups, among others. I also had the honor of speaking at the War College in Pennsylvania, and addressing a conference of people who work in our nation’s intelligence communities. There were trips to Texas, LA, and many points in between.

As the year comes to a close, I’m thinking of the many projects that have not yet come to fruition. A few will become a reality in 2016 – a new series with Dale Brown, a memoir detailing the incredible story of Ivan Castro, a blind Green Beret who triumphed over his disabilities by running marathons and going to the South Pole. Many more books, movies, and even a video game or two are in the wings.

I thank everyone for their help, encouragement, and criticism. Thank you for making my journey special, and may yours be twice as good.

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