Spirit(s) of 1776

THE Marylanders’ story is among the more underappreciated chapters of the Revolutionary War. Vastly outnumbered, they launched a series of counterattacks that stymied rapidly advancing British forces, enabling thousands of American soldiers to evade encirclement and certain death or capture. Had the British not been checked, it is possible that the Continental Army would have been smashed, forcing Washington to surrender and effectively bringing the war to an abrupt, inglorious end. “These soldiers saved the Revolution,” Mr. Furman maintains.

Though little known, the (losing) battle in Brooklyn helped Washington retreat and save the bulk of his army. The Americans were vastly outnumbered and probably betrayed, but their courage was essential to the Revolution.

Some historians believe they know where the remains of the soldiers are buried, but getting proof will be difficult. New York played a major role in the Revolution, though today few know about it.

 Details in this NY Times story.

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