Up on Nook

Barnes & Noble is running a special promotion this week, with the Nook edition of one of the very first Dreamland books, Razor's Edge, offered for only 99 cents. (Available here.)

Razor's Edge was first published back in 2003; it was the third book in the series, and the start of a period where we were publishing two Dreamland installments a year. I don't know about Dale, but I know I was blown away by the response of readers.

It was an exciting if ultimately exhausting time. The pace now is a little easier to keep - I wish I could write as fast as a lot of people read.

The book moved up to 20 on the Nook best-seller list when the special debuted this week. I hope everyone likes it. Hopefully they'll enjoy some other installments as well.

One thing I should note for readers new to the series - the timeline of the Dreamland books before Dreamland: Whiplash is set in the 1990s. It was always conceived as a (slightly) alternate universe.

P.S.: Amazon has a special of its own for the Kindle.

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