But is there a TV screen nearby?

We wanted more Yankees tickets and seats in the right field porch, so yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time fishing for a plan in the Swish seats, selecting then throwing back, selecting and throwing back - so much so that my account got locked for a while on suspicion of being an illegal scalper.*

In my defense, part of my problem was trying to figure out what aisle access seats were. (As a public service: those are apparently the folding chairs in the wheelchair area. But I'll have to wait for a visit to confirm; nowhere on the web, let alone the Yankees' site, is the actual definition provided.)

In the end, we ended with a modest plan in the main section, in foul territory, too deep to have much hope of snagging home runs. But it will be closer to the beer.

* - Scalper isn't the right term: A special class of ticket brokers have ways of getting through the lockouts to buy up tickets. I don't think the word has been invented yet; Webster is probably working on it right now.

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