NY moments

So we're in the city to see a play and crossing the street near Penn Station I think and for once I'm not only in the crosswalk but have the light . . . car runs the light and nearly runs me down . . . so being in NY I do the NY thing and pound on his trunk and parlay a few choice words . . . whereupon said car goes lights and sirens . . . for five minutes in the pouring rain a shift supervisor sergeant master of his domain explains what a big favor he did by not jumping the sidewalk to take me down . . . did I mention it was raining hurricane winds? . . . so after the play it's bag the dinner plans and let's grab a cab to the train . . . except the cabbie who stops doesn't feel like going downtown (eight or nine blocks) . . . so after yelling at him that he's breaking the law and getting him to agree "just this one time" he gets better words than the cop and jump out because who's going to give money to a slime like that even in the rain . . . only to reach the NJ transit train and wait for a half-hour while Amtrak untangle signal problems . . . might have said they were under water . . . bail and head back in the rain to the Path . . . arriving at a flooded Hoboken station . . . escaping New Jersey via Journal Square moments before the line shuts down . . . back at Penn where no trains are running until tomorrow maybe . . . find the last closet, er, hotel room in mid-town . . . warm . . . and eat Korean food cooked homestyle . . . if your home was in Dear Leader land . . . then sleep an hour until at 2-3 a.m. (time change) the food provides the extra benefit of toe to scalp hives . . . must've had a bad cockroach in there somewhere . . . morning and the trains are running now but the parking lot's under water . . . luckily I parked on the highest possible ground and it's just barely up to the chassis and with luck it floats its way clear . . . to find all roads out of town blocked . . . until making our way via Pennsylvania to warmth if not safety.

Good thing I found a penny for good luck . . . though doesn't make top ten personal worst travel experiences . . . better times stranded in France and then there was Oklahoma and . . . still a fun time was had by all.

How was your weekend?

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