Call them aces . . .

According to the Pentagon, two Iranian jets "intercepted" a Predator last week over the Persion Gulf and engaged it in a dogfight.

The unarmed plane escaped without harm.

First reports said the Iranian planes were Su-25 Frogfoots. While the design was intended as a ground support aircraft, it's equipped with cannon and could in theory carry air-to-air missiles. Apparently the Iranians used their guns but missed the Predator, which can manage something in the area of 200 knots - less than half the Frogfoot's speed.

If they do this well against unarmed drones, just imagine how well the Iranians will fare against F-22s.

Meanwhile, something tells me there's a line of eager UAV pilots hoping to get a Sidewinder on a Reaper and get the first remote shoot-down, courtesy of Iran's aces . . .

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