Some idiot was deer-jacking* on the other side of the woods last night, and I just have to ask: Why would you deer-jack in a place where you can hit a dozen deer with a single rock at high noon?

I hope the person is a) in some financial need and intends on eating all the meat and b) is a damn good shot, because he's already proven he's not much of a sportsman.

* - For the uninitiated and non-hunters: There are a number of methods, but basically you deer-jack by using bait and a light at night, all of which are illegal in New York (and a lot of other places). The light stuns the deer momentarily, making them even easier to shoot. Since it's night, though, wounded animals that run off can be pretty hard to track. And of course it's dark, so you don't really know what's behind your target when you shoot. Finally, deer-jacking often takes place near populated areas where you may be too close to houses to legally fire a weapon, though I don't know if that was the case here. (No-bait laws are controversial, but in this area the deer are plentiful enough that even a sub-mediocre hunter doesn't need it. Heck, even I don't need bait in this county, which is saying quite a lot.)

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