In the early 1990s, I began writing and publishing a series of books centered around missions conducted by A-10As and their crews during what is now called the First Gulf War.*

I had a lot to learn about the planes and writing at the time. (Still do.) But it was a labor of love and an intense one at that, as I began turning the books out on a six-month schedule (among other things) as interest in the series built.

There were a total of six books, loosely based on action missions and exploits during the war. At the time, not too many people knew about the A-10A. Today, I'd venture to say that it as well-known as more "glamorous" aircraft like the F-15 and F-22. (It's also been so greatly overhauled that the current models are designated as A-10Cs. Same great plane, though.)

Though you can still occasionally find the paperbacks, technically, the series has been out of print for several years. It's now available for Kindle ereaders at Amazon.

For more information, visit this page on my website. Samples are available directly from Amazon. If you want a free story in pdf format, send an email to author (at) jimdefelice (dot) com, and we'll get one off to you straight away.

* I was using a pseudonym: James Ferro for reasons explained on that webpage.

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