Andy Fisher

My book, Threat Level Black, was originally published in 2005 by Simon & Schuster. I happened to be working with a great editor at the time, Kevin Smith, who helped and encouraged me. Kevin "got" Andy Fisher - something not everyone does.

Not that I blame them. Andy can be an acquired taste. Lovable, yes. But don't get between him and banana creme pie. You'll definitely pay the price.

Andy makes his reappearance in the Helios Conspiracy, which you can read more about here. In the meantime, we're running a "web special" on Amazon for Threat Level Black. Kindle readers can get the book from now until April Fools Day for only .99.

In Threat Level Black, Andy has to save New York and the NCAA Final Four basketball playoffs from total annihilation . . . but will he really risk his life for a town that has outlawed smoking in bars?

As some fans know, Threat Level Black was reissued as an e-book earlier this year. I'm grateful that a number of readers bought while we were still working the bugs out. To show my appreciation, I'll send anyone who bought it at the full price ($6.99) BEFORE March 26 a signed copy of Leopard's Kill. Andy's not in that one, but I think you'll the gritty realism and intense story. And yes, no strings attached. Just send me an email with a copy of the receipt (pdf, whatever) and an address to ship it to. The email address is

I truly appreciate the feedback on Helios, as well as the sales and support. As I've told a few people who have asked via email, I don't set the price, and only get a small portion of the proceeds - much less, in fact, than Amazon or the publisher. I'm not complaining, just telling you what the story is.

You can get Threat Level Black here.

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