Andy Fisher's hat

I don't know exactly how or even why that fedora became Andy Fisher's official hat; he doesn't wear one in any of the books. But one of my friends saw the shot above and said, that IS Andy.

And so it has become.

The photograph was taken by Robert Kalman in the Rhinecliff, New York, train station at some point in the past, so distant neither of us can remember when. Or at least we won't admit it.

Bob is a beyond-excellent photographer, so good he can even make me look presentable. To see what he can do with decent-looking subjects, check out his website here.

Andy Fisher "stars" in the Helios Conspiracy, which you can read more about here. And now until April Fool's Day, you can get one of his earlier appearances for only .99 - assuming you have a Kindle. The book is Threat Level Black; in it, Andy finds he has to save New York and the NCAA Final Four basketball playoffs from total annihilation . . .

You can get Threat Level Black for the Kindle here.

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