Truth in parenting

A group of so-called researchers have released a study declaring the women "like" caring for children more than men. (Story about it in the NY Times here.)

Sure, OK, another study that (mildly) suggests that men can't care for kids very well.

Except that when you look at the survey were using, you find it's totally bogus. They asked men and women to rate supposed child care activities from one to five, according to how much they liked them. The activities includes such fun-loving things as getting up in the middle of the night, caring for a sick child, and changing diapers.

The survey found more women supposedly liked all of these things. Maybe men are just more honest.

The survey is focused on kids two years and under. Which made me wonder what a FAIR survey covering all of childhood would look like.

I guarantee fathers in general would do better on one that included categories like this:

* Teaching child to shoot/hunt/fish
* Coaching child’s sports team
* Repairing child’s toys
* Building child vehicle/fort/clubhouse
* Attending child’s band/dance concert
* Stabilizing bleeding from compound fracture and rushing child to hospital
* Playing video games with child
* Attending major sporting events with child
* Eating out w/ child
* Hiking/exploring w/child
* Encouraging child's artistic efforts (any field)
* Instructing child about dating
* Teaching child to drive
* Assisting child on math homework

(Beer drinking, motorcycle riding, etc. not included to keep things close to fair . . .)

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