The situation in Pakistan

Militants have launched six such attacks [rocket-propelled assaults on NATO depots and staging areas] in Peshawar since the beginning of December, destroying some 300 Humvees and other military vehicles as well as supplies worth millions of dollars. While these raids have obvious consequences for international troops in Afghanistan, they also mark a new level of insecurity for Peshawar, a city of universities, kebab stands, and carpet dealers that has always had an edgy border-town vibe but that now seems increasingly vulnerable to a Taliban takeover.

Article in Slate detailing what's going on in Peshawar, on the border with Afghanistan. You can judge the government's seriousness by the pay gap between what it pays officers and what the Taliban pays its fighters.

The story mentions the possibility of residents forming a vigilante militia to take matters into their own hands, something I'd never heard of before.

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