Rocket science

The book I mentioned in the last post is tentatively titled Helios and returns Andy Fisher to the scene.

You remember Andy Fisher - FBI agent, iconoclast, coffee drinker.

And chain smoker.

Helios involves an orbiting solar power harvesting satellite, murder, and a good amount of caffeine. It's a fun book, though it's been a bitch and a half to write for a number of reasons.

Fun? Can thrillers be fun?

One of my partners used to object to anything that lightened the tone in thrillers, saying there has to be huge "gravitas" in every thriller. Which isn't necessarily a bad strategy. I just think you can get gravitas and still have fun.


Anonymous said...

If there not fun to read or write for that matter why bother? This is good news. Is it going to be paperback or hard cover? Do you have an estimated on shelf date yet?......Chris......

jd said...


Hard cover first, then softcover. They keep fiddling with the possible dates and I keep fiddling with the story... not a good combination, I know.