Cut: The e coli restroom scene

Another Fisher bit, too far over the top. Fish is in a high-tech restroom, which has ideas of its own.

It was just too much, especially where it was in the book. I still kinda like it, tho:

The men’s room was to the right. As he pushed open the door, the lights flickered on inside. The white and black tiles, arranged in diner fashion, glistened in the glow of the harsh fluorescents above. The scent of freshly fermented Lysol filled the air, supplied by an automatic mist machine in the top corner near the door.

Fisher stepped over to the urinals. He was almost ready to believe that he had found diner nirvana when the unit next to him flushed. The one behind him answered. Within moments, toilets were flushing everywhere. Fisher zipped up and headed for the sink area, bending over his coffee cup to protect it from the spray. As he reached for the automatic soap dispenser, the faucet began gushing water. Its partner answered. So did the soap dispenser. Steam began rising as water faucets went into action up and down the line. Paper zipped from the dispensers. With no surface safe from spray or suds, Fisher had no place to put the coffee down safely. Finally, he used his head – literally. He balanced the cup on his scalp, ran his hands into the gurgle, and made his escape, wet but e coli free.

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