Edit letter response . . .

Hey Xxxx [editor],
As always, thanks for your comments. . . .
You know until you mentioned the collaboration/women thing, I hadn't thought of it - I wouldn't even have thought of it, actually. . . . I like your idea about them having known each other earlier (not quite as lovers); I'm going to play with it a bit and see how it goes.
I'll fix the SEAL thing. Heh. The fuzz. Ha.
I can sand Fisher and his quirks down a notch, but I don't want to lose his obnoxiousness completely. Jake/Chinatown is not a bad parallel. The early Morse in the detective series. Or even in the vein of say a House character, with an edge. (God, I can't believe I'm citing a television show - and I hasten to say he was NOT a model. The depths a writer sinks to trying to justify himself. . .)
Eccentric and rough at the edges, eccentricity as well as cynicism as a shield . . . he needs that thick armor to deal with the world.
Thanks. Have fun in Boston . . .


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