Program note, Yankees dept.

Hell yes, the Yankees are opening their home season this week, and hell yes, yours truly will be there, if only to keep Jay-Roam from writing nasty things about umpires who want to get home in time to watch Leno.*

(Jay-Roam = Jerome Preisler, formerly Deep in the Red, now just Jerome Preisler, found here. I love the photo. It makes it look like the guy actually works.)

Supposedly there are live posts via Twitter this year. But I'm thinking his iPhone will clog up pretty quick from garlic fry-induced smudge marks.

Rumor has it that we'll be grabbing cigars around five near Hard Rock. If you're around come up and say hi. Better yet, join us for a smoke.

*I appear, from time to time, as Fellow Writer. It's all lies. Even the good stuff. Especially the good stuff.
And for the record, I have only been kicked out of the Stadium twice, not three times. There were mitigating circumstances: Red Sox fans were involved both times, and it was in my misbegotten youth.

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